Lime Mortars and Shelter Coats

David Adamson came runner up in SPAB’s John Betjamen awards for a project involving shelter coating and lime mortar repairs in 2009.

Aylesford Priory Galleting and lime pointing.

Mortars are replicated by blending sands to achieve both colour and texture of original. No cement is used in Adamson Conservation mortars. Correct set is achieved by using good well graded sands and protecting the mortar during curing.

Mortar repairs and shelter coat, Hatfield Peveral.

Sacrificial shelter coats are individually designed to retain texture and colour of original stone using natural pigments and sieved stone dusts blended to achieve the desired colour.

Consolidation and shelter coat of Reigate stone, Bicknacre Priory.

Shelter coats applied in one colour not taking into account subtle colour changes caused by weather can look very artificial and detract from the aesthetic beauty of the building.

Shelter coat on exterior of St. Alban's replication of Chilmark stone.

If the project requires it can be shaded to replicate the naturally occurring discolouration caused by weathering.

We can also design an indicator coat which can help pinpoint where reapplication is required. This saves time and money but also ensures the shelter coat is not applied too thick covering detail and risking detachment of older coats.


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David Adamson is a PACR accredited conservator-restorer and is a member of Icon.